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Covid-19 update 14th May

An update:

You will have seen that there has been some relaxing of the lockdown with regard to some sports, including Tennis. Below are rules and guidance we are putting in place to allow play to restart at the club.

Facilities at the club :

  • The club house will NOT be open so there is no access to toilets or other facilities.
  • We have provided liquid soap dispensers by the outside tap at the side entrance to the club to allow members to wash their hands if they need to.  We are recommending that all players wash hands and clean equipment before they leave home to come and play.  It is further recommended that you bring your own soap/hand gel as we cannot guarantee that there will be supplies at the club.

Changes at the club to reduce touchpoints :

Benches and balls have been removed from the courts. If you do want to play, you must bring your own balls.

The rear gate on courts 1 and 2 is being reopened to allow for safer access onto and off courts. If you wish to get to court 2 whilst there is play on court 1, use the new entrance. (this should be operational later today)

if you need to wait for players to come off court, please give 2 meter distancing.

Who can play :

  • You must be a member or use Pay and Play option.  We may need to suspend Pay and Play option if the take up by members is heavily subscribed.
  • Members who are isolating together (including families) can play singles or doubles tennis.
  • Singles matches between players who are not isolating together are now permissible. However, social distancing must be maintained and they must use separate balls with one set clearly marked for easy identification. Opponents balls can be kicked or flicked back to them without the need to to touch with their hands. When changing ends, use opposite sides of the net.
  • Juniors over 16 can continue to play unsupervised using the measures in place. Juniors under 16 need to have adult supervision.
  • Courts MUST be booked with the names of all players stated. Do NOT turn up on spec.  We need to know who has been playing should there be a future requirement to trace.

Please do not :

  • Adjust the heights of the nets.  To minimise touchpoints, coaches or committee members will be checking net heights regularly so that you do not have to.  If you do, you must immediately wash your hands.
  • Use the brooms. Again, the courts will be swept regularly but if you have to for reasons of safe play, then please immediately wash your hands.

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