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Adding Family Members

Sign up to WebCollect as the parent as per the process, then go to Browse Subscriptions:

Then click Buy a Different Subscription:

Under Tennis, find the junior subscription suitable and click Add to basket:

At the top right, you will see the new subscription in your Basket, click Checkout:

Once you click Checkout, the system automatically creates a family entry for your surname, add this stage you can add new family members:

Add this stage, on your profile, you should now see that you are the admin for the newly created family (shown here without any new members added):

It is possible to Click Members here, and add new family members, or via the Checkout option.

From the checkout screen, add the name of the child and choose the No option for ‘Has own email’:

After clicking Add, a message informs you in the top right:

Add the family members required, you will see yourself and your family as follows:

Then you need to assign the new subscription to the relevant family member:

At any stage, you can remove the subscriptions from your basket and log out, and you will not lose the new family members you have added at this point – they will appear on your WebCollect profile on your home screen:

Shown here is adding two juniors to the 8yrs and under subscription on this family:

Once happy with your subscription selections and family members, click Proceed to Family Details and Checkout:

When you continue, you will see tabs for each family member where you can add additional details such as dates of birth:

The next step is to complete membership forms for each family member.

This stage may be repetitive if you are adding multiple children!

It is suggested that you use a computer notepad and save the following answers to make life easier:
Emergency Contact 1 – Name and number
Emergency Contact 2 – Name and number
Doctors Name, Address & Phone Number
School Name

Once completed, you will be able to pay:

At this point, you can still remove the items from your basket and make changes.
The family members AND their completed membership forms will still be saved and accessible from your WebCollect profile home screen.

If you are using Bank Transfer, clicking Place order will complete the transaction and the account details and your unique banking reference will be shown. You will also receive a confirmation email.

Please contact our chairman if you have any issues with getting your family signed up.