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Men’s Singles Ladder

Rules of engagement:
Using the WhatsApp group, arrange matches with any players.
If you beat a player positioned above you by 1, 2, or 3 places, you swap places with that player.
If players are separated by more than 3 places, the winner moves up 1 place and the loser moves down 1 place.
If the higher player wins, the positions remain the same.

Change the date on both names when this happens.

If a player has not played any match for 15 days, they automatically move 2 places down. (No exceptions)

Change the date on their name when this happens.

Update the Hot Streak column by 1 after a victory!
(Also, reset the loser back to zero)
See who has the longest unbeaten run.

Longest Hot Streak:
Charlie G: 3

Player NameDateHot StreakPlayed
Matt S08/11/2113
Charlie G08/11/2104
Dom W08/11/2100
John B08/11/2113
Malcolm A08/11/2101
Will G08/11/2101

Matches must result in a win for a player, as draws mean nothing!
After 2 sets, if tied at 2 sets apiece, decide the match with a 10 point tie-breaker.